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CoCN: RecklessHeart's Ref Sheet. by XEbonyxIvoryForeverX CoCN: RecklessHeart's Ref Sheet. by XEbonyxIvoryForeverX
im trying out for my first rp group !!! :3 k so RecklessHeart is my favorite character, she is just like me in reality but we\'ll see how it goes in the RPs.

Bio: Born in the forest by an unknown mother. Her father was also unknown. She was found by some cats of NightClan, and was taken in. She trainhardly in becoming a warrior of NightClan and is proud to be one, although some evil lurks through her, she still is a well young cat.

Personality: Shy, Reckless, Quiet, Fierce, Tomboy, and Crazy.

Shy: RecklessHeart doesn\'t just meet people socially, it takes lots of time to get to know her. Same thing on gatherings, she stays in the back of the crowd and feels like she is being seen.

Reckless: She could get into rough times, when she is being pulled out of the blue she gets messed up and sscratches rocks unstoppablely (idk if that\'s a word XD ) and plays with wet dirt.

Quiet: These are only times when she is bored or sad. She has no reason to talk if she is in those moods. But thats rare.

Fierce: RecklessHeart causes almost a lot of drama in the clan most of the time. She loves fights against her. She does of course bites other cats\' tails.

Crazy: RecklessHeart loves play fighting and doing things other cats cant possibly o such as, rolling on wet mud, being a vegetarian for a day, ect.

Tomboy: No she is not that cat who is all girly girl and cute and nice. No. She thinks it is a waste of time of grooming her fur.
meeshmoose Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
i love the style. i gotta say tho, we are inactive :s
but otherwise, i'll add you to the allegiances.
XEbonyxIvoryForeverX Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kk thx! (btw im like really active but in some times i am to be busy a whole day..)
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