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Destiny: Ref Sheet for TEC by XEbonyxIvoryForeverX Destiny: Ref Sheet for TEC by XEbonyxIvoryForeverX
My main OC

Name: Destiny

Gender: Female

Age:19 moons old

Breed: Balinese and Javanese mix

Tribe: Carlisle

Rank: Talon

Bio: Destiny was born as a natural kit, obtaining her fathers training skills by the age of 4 moons old. On the other hand, her father was strict and paranoid, making Destiny feel worried. Her father was Garuff, who lived in an old folk's home with and beautiful pale tabby she-cat, named Justice. Destiny is the only kit in the family. She used to live with jutice and Garuff, but by their strict commands, she ran away, seeking for a better life by the age of 9 moons old. She joined a nearby tribe called the Carlisle, and hopes for them to welcome her soul.

Personality: Shy/Sweet/Chilling/Romantic/Social/Anxious/Brave.

Shy: Destiny's important events in the past, when she was living with her housefolk, such as meeting new twolegs or being near twolegs, causes her to feel shy permanently. Joining Tribe Carlisle improved her a bit, but still has problems in meeting people

Sweet: Destiny shows off cuddles and cute faces only around toms sometimes. She is looking forward to a mate but takes her time patiently. She may lean on a tom's shoulders for no reason, which does't suppose to mean the tom is her mate.

Chilling: Destiny thinks that cats dont like her and realizes she gets boring, so she ignores the cats and stays calm in some rock rest on, thinking in her imagination.

Romantic: Destiny's main goal is to get a mate. She wants love and cuddles and kisses. Because of that, in the past she was never loved. She wanted some tom to love her. So she becomes flirty in rare times around toms, trying t make them impressed by her.

Social: Destiny wants friends, and a real family, someone she could talk with, or share secrets to. So she gets a little socialization to make others laugh.

Anxious: Destiny has been nervous ever since her father trained her. She is always unsure on what things are right, or wrong. She may claw on the ground or gnaw on her own paws or body parts whenever she feels like this.

Brave: Destiny rarely feels confident, when it comes to big events, she becomes responsible and smart, because of the past. She would most likely to stay like the tribe.



Garuff (deceased): I hate you! All of your stupid lies makes me feel sick.

Justice (deceased): Why are you like dad, mother?! I wish you loved me!


RolePlay Example: It was a silent afternoon in the abandon buildings, when Destiny is getting ready for a night hunt to fill her hungry stomach. She was warming up inside the building feeling awake. She stretched widely and jumped on a window, sitting on the edge as she looked at the striking sunset. She blinks and looked down two stories of the building. She swalloed hard and looked at the sun again. She sighed calmly.
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o: I like her personality :3 It's interesting, different from the others i've seen ;D
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